89DollarWebsites.Com Planning Worksheet

Used in conjunction with the Website Design Contract which should also be printed out by the client. This form enables us to get some perspective of your ideas and thoughts into the creation and design of your website.

Organization Name: __________________________
1. Purpose
Give the most important purpose a "1", next most important a "2". Leave those blank which do not interest you at all.
__ To gain a favorable impression of the company or organization.
__ To develop a qualified list of prospects
__ To sell products directly taking credit card information over the Internet
__ To encourage potential customers to contact us by phone or mail to consummate a sale.
__ To make available product information and price lists to distributors.
__ To make available product information and price lists to customers.
__ To strengthen brand identification.
__ Other _______________________________________________________


2. Site Organization
Please label pages you desire, and ones you don't . .

Total number of pages decided upon ________________ Package purchased______________ Total number of buttons or links required_______________


3. Site and Domain Names
Site Name on Masthead: ____________________________________

Domain Name It must be registered through your web hosting service and approved by a domain registration service before you can use it. You may check the availability of your domain name at Network Solutions. (http://www.networksolutions.com) All of our packages include one year free domain name registration if you need one. Simply suggest the domain name that you prefer and several (3) other names if you would prefer we check for availability.

Domain name ____________________________ / ____Desired ___Already Registered ............Other possible domain names for consideration___________________________________________________________________________


4. Graphic
It is very helpful if you will include a copy of your company's letterhead, brochures, catalog, etc. so we can see how you present your company image.
__ Company Logo incorporated in the masthead graphic? If so, please enclose a color copy.
__ Photo or drawing of product?
__ Typeface preference __________________________________________

__ Preferred colors in palette (PMS colors?) _______________________________________

__ Other ideas _________________________________________________________


5. Color and Accents
For the most part, we recommend a white background for best readability and contrast, with a band of color or a pattern running down the left margin of the webpage. Your preferences:

May we include a link at the bottom of the welcome page which reads "Website Designed by 89Dollarwebsites.Com"? (You are under no obligation to say yes.) ___Yes ___No


6. Navigation System
The navigation system of all our Website Packages includes:

Links from the front page and sectional pages to every page in the system to enable Web search engines to "spider" and index content on every page.
Colored bar "Image Map" with a brief word or two indicating each page -- or, in larger sites -- each section of the website. This appears at the bottom of every page. In some sites we put this both top and bottom. You are limited to a maximum of about eight (8) selections on this image map. We use server side image maps to make it easy to expand the site at a later time without having to change the coding on each page of the site. For this reason, and to keep costs down, we do not include separate "buttons" on our standard sites. Included in sites of 6 pages or more.
Left-Side Menus with text links are especially useful on larger sites. Included in sites of 6 pages or more. They can allow more detail than an 8-item bottom image map, and can enable visitors to see from any page how to get to any other. These may be white or light-colored over a dark left-side color or pattern, or black or dark over a light left-side color or pattern.

Left-Side "Buttons" can be used, but we do not recommend them, since they are more expensive and time consuming to maintain when a change or addition is made to the system. Also, it takes significantly longer to load many buttons than an image map of the same area (Extra charge)
Frames System where, typically, a scrolling menu remains on the left side to provide navigation. We do not recommend frames in practically any situation, since they are a design disaster. They do not always print out, cannot be bookmarked easily, and often make the page design look "tacky" with their ugly gray scroll bars. We see them as the amateur's way to look cool. In a very few cases, they are useful: (1) to display large databases of information, (2) purposely hide URLs of content pages, (3) send visitors to other sites while making it easy for them to come back.
Search Engine is useful on larger sites of 20+ pages to help visitors quickly find what they're looking for.


7. Basic Page Elements
These are the important items which appear on nearly every webpage on your site (except the "home" page).

Page titles which show at top of Web browser only
Top-of-page graphic based on the design of the masthead graphic
Page Title in larger type. Heading Font Style: ________________ (recommend Arial Bold)
Text. Body Font Style: ___________________ (recommend Times New Roman)
Image Map by Image Map bar
Standard company ID near bottom of page
E-mail response link to the following e-mail address: _________________________
Copyright and trademark information in small print at the bottom of every page. What registered trademarks, trademarks, and service marks does your company want to indicate here?
Do you have any trademarks or service marks? If so, please list them here and indicate which are registered trademarks.

8. Photos, Graphics, Animations, Sound, and Video
Our contract includes a statement that you own the copyright to, or have permission from the copyright owner to use any photos or graphics you send us.

Clipart tends to look a bit tacky on websites. We recommend photos although will use whatever you request, suggest or provide.

Photos you supply either by sending the photos themselves for us to scan and return, or by sending the digitized images on a diskette.
Depending on the package that you choose, we can equip your webpages with:
Sound, either MIDI musical background or streaming Real Audio for music or voice.
Animated GIF images.
Shockwave Animations / Flash Presentations

Video clips

And while music is nice...it can greatly reduce the load time of a website, driving a potential customer elsewhere, and is not recommended.

9. Response Forms
What is the purpose of your response form?

__ Guestbook for visitors to record comments
__ Request for information
__ Survey of customer preferences


10. Web Hosting Service
We are not in the web hosting business but we are able to set you up with a web hosting service that will be free of charge, but with a banner ad across the top of every webpage, or we can supply you with hosting that will be banner free, for a monthly fee of $6.00, payable in a twelve (12) month payment of $60 US. We recommend to our clients web hosting services tailored to their specific needs. For most of our customers, this website hosting package is more than sufficient as it includes...

¤ 25 MB of Web Storage
¤ 50 MB of Email Storage
¤ Unlimited Email Aliases
¤ Unlimited Email Forwardings
¤ 3 Email Groups
¤ Catch-All Email Account
¤ 10 gigs of data transfer per month
¤ 5 Email Pop Accounts
¤ 5 Autoresponders
¤ .htaccess
¤ Perl 5.8
¤ Perl Module Built into Apache
¤ SSI support
¤ Support for WAP-developed sites
¤ Sendmail support
¤ Outgoing Smtp Support
¤ Real Audio/Video support
¤ Control Panel
¤ Pre-installed perl scripts
° Guestbook
° Yabb Board
° Web based email
° Shopping Cart
° Hit Counter
° PHP FormMail
° and much more...
¤ PHP4
¤ Customizable Error Pages
¤ Access to raw logs
¤ Access to error logs
¤ Webstats
¤ Excellent Customer Support. We've worked with dozens of hosting services -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We usually do not recommend hosting on your local dial-up ISP, since they too often are not well-prepared to meet specialized business site hosting needs. Their main business is usually dial-up access, and hosting is only a sideline for them. Please let us recommend a Web host service for you even if you are going to handle this yourself. We require cgi-bin access and FTP access.

Web Hosting Service _____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________

E-mail for support or help ______________________________


11. Registering and Advertising Your Website

Advertising your Website to Web search engines that index the Web
Giving customers a good reason to come by offering them something
Finding industry-wide linking pages and negotiating reciprocal links to and from their webpages.
Purchasing Web advertising
Becoming active in several of the thousands of Internet news groups and mailing lists
Developing a "signature" mini-ad attached to all your e-mail messages
Making your website part of one or more of the many "malls."
Including your e-mail and Web addresses on all your company's print literature, stationery, and display advertising
E-mail newsletters
Information about number of visitors to your website can usually be obtained
We submit your information to Web search engines to "register" your website after final payment is received. Before doing this we work to get 50 to 100 keywords and a carefully constructed 25-word sentence contain the most important keywords.


12. Maintenance agreement is wanted_______________ Maintenance agreement is not wanted ___________________
Maintenance agreement start date is the day the contract is signed. ____________________

Our maintenance agreement price of $4.95 per month, payable yearly for $59.40, includes minor updating over the twelve months of the contract. This covers minor price changes, product changes, etc. It does not include major changes, such as changing whole page content (which essentially involves constructing a new webpage), which would be billed at our hourly rate of $20.00

Target Date for final payment to be made and your Web Site to be advertised: _____________


On behalf of my organization I approve the above plan which I have developed with 89DollarWebsites.Com to construct a website, and I authorize 89Dollarwebsites.Com to use this Website Planning Worksheet as the basis of the project.

Signature _____________________________________ Date _________________


These are the items that will make up the package you'll be sending to us:
Website Design Contract
Website Planning Worksheet which will define for us the:

Written content for your webpages (preferably on a diskette formatted for Word for Windows )
Photos or graphics to be included. You may send graphics and photos which we can scan into electronic form. Even better, send us a diskette or ZIP disk with your graphics in any popular PC format, such as GIF, JPEG, BMP. If these are in Mac format, make sure each picture has a 3-digit extension, such as .jpg to indicate the format in which it is given.
Your company logo (if any), and tell us the PMS color.
Samples of your printed materials -- brochures, letterheads, cards, booklets, etc. -- so we can see how you present your company image.

We are looking forward to receiving your materials and constructing your website! At 89DollarWebsites.Com , we allow our clients to "Be the Best for Less !"